Our Pies

Our Pies

Wessex Pantry pies are the perfect balance of traditional home cooked pastry and delicious full flavour fillings. We are very proud of our pies and take care in what we put into them.

Wessex Pantry pies are made using locally sourced ingredients, including: Pork, Chicken, Beef (we use chuck steak as we find it best for pie making), Game and Venison (we use shoulder, not leg, as it is a better cut for pie making). We endeavour to use local seasonal fresh vegetables. We also add Guinness, local brewed Real Ale, best Stilton and Capers to some of our pies. We don’t use additives apart from traditional seasoning such as bay leaves, wholegrain mustard, white pepper, salt, Worcester Sauce etc.

Our pastry is freshly made on the premises and we use an egg glaze to give our pies a golden crust. Lard is used for our meat pie pastry to give a traditional rich shortcrust. Vegetable shortening is used for vegetarian pies which can also be used for all meat pies on request.

All our meat is slowly braised for up to 5 hours to give a delicious fully rounded flavour and our fish pies contain naturally Smoked Haddock, Pollock & North Atlantic Prawns and Salmon fillets from Scotland.

In our Peppered Mushroom and Beef & Mushroom pies we use fresh Chestnut Mushrooms for a fuller flavour and better texture.

Our Mediterranean vegetable pies contain Sicilian Cherry Tomato sauce with Basil and fresh aubergines, courgettes, red onions cherry tomato, garlic & black olives.

If you have special dietary requirements we can inform you of the specific ingredients of our pies because we can be sure of what we put into them. Recipes can be altered to your requirements if you require.