About Us

About Us

We have been making our pies here in the heart of Devon since 2004. All our mouth watering pies are made using only the finest local West Country ingredients sourced from farms and suppliers we know and trust. Sometimes we have to go further afield to get the best, such as our Salmon from Scotland*, but these are decisions based on quality and not cost.

From making the pastry to slow cooking the fillings we believe in using traditional methods. We even crimp our pies by hand.

All our pies are made to order in our bakery and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a personal service to our valued customers. If you have specific requirements or special dietary restrictions we can alter recipes to your request.

We are passionate about our pies and believe that the only way that we can make a high quality product is by using the highest quality ingredients. It would be pointless going to this much trouble and then freezing our pies, so we send all our pies fresh from the ovens.

We aspire to run an ethical business which is sustainable and useful to the local community (both by employing local people and buying from local suppliers) and give our customers the promise that we only offer products that we and our staff have put effort, passion and pride into.

[*Our Salmon is sourced from a small producer in Scotland. We chose them because they feed their fish on a high quality sustainable fishmeal, developed specifically for them, which is good for the environment and results in high quality fish]